Montem Diadema Hiking Daypack Review

Few things can ruin a hike faster than a daypack malfunction. Maybe you’ve never been there, but I have, and I’ll always remember having to carry all my gear back to camp in my two hands because the bottom completely ripped out of my pack.

A great way to ensure that never happens to you is to invest in a quality daypack. However, it can be challenging to make a decision when you’re staring at well over 100 different packs, all of which claim to be the best. This Montem Diadema Hiking Daypack review may help you narrow your search and decide if this is a good choice for your needs.

Before You Buy a Daypack

One of the easiest ways to narrow down the field is to consider what you need from your daypack. Not all packs are created equally. Some of them are designed for light duty, while others are designed for serious expeditions where you will need to carry a camping blanket or rain jacket. Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to quickly eliminate many of the packs you see from your search.

What to Consider

There are a few core considerations that will help steer you in the right direction as far as which pack to choose.

  • Weight – If you’re looking for a lightweight pack, you’ll probably end up sacrificing many of the features that are usually available in heavier bags.
  • Comfort – Another critical consideration is going to be your comfort needs. There are plenty of heavily padded packs that make transporting a heavier bag more comfortable on your back, shoulders, and hips. The trade-off with more comfortable bags is added weight.
  • Hydration sleeves – This feature has become nearly indispensable, and today almost all hiking packs are compatible with hydration sleeves of different sizes.
  • Water Resistance – Nearly all bags carry some degree of water resistance. But, a bag that’s water resistant will give way to water in severe conditions, leaving your important belongings drenched. If this is a concern for you, look for a bag with a built-in rain cover, or search for one made from waterproof materials.
  • Frame – Most heavy-duty packs feature a metal or plastic frame which helps the bag maintain its shape without sagging, even when carrying heavy loads. Bags with a frame can’t be compressed the way frameless bags can, so if you’re planning on being able to fold your bag up to store it away, you’ll want to look for a frameless option.

Who the Montem Diadema is Best For

The Montem Diadema backpack is a strong choice for a light to medium duty daypack that’s capable of providing you with the storage space and features you need for hiking, urban exploring or everyday use. If you’re looking for a pack that’s durable, lightweight, and packs some important features while foregoing more frivolous features, this may be a strong choice for you.

Who Should Avoid the Montem Diadema

On the other hand, if you’re in need of a serious hiking pack that’s capable of holding all sorts of gear with room to spare, you may want to avoid this pack. While it’s large enough and durable enough for heavy-duty use, it’s not meant for extreme situations where a more full-featured pack would be required. In other words, you might not want to rely on the Montem Diadema if you’re planning on scaling Everest.

Montem Diadema Hiking Daypack Review

If you’re looking for a light to medium duty daypack that’s perfect for hiking day trips, urban exploring, traveling at home or abroad or just generally keeping your stuff safe for the day, the Montem Diadema may be a strong choice for you.

Compared to many of the affordable daypacks on the market, the Montem Diadema is lightweight, packable and spacious enough to accommodate most people’s needs. However, it’s not going to be a good choice for backpackers or use in seriously adverse conditions.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can be packed flat for storage
  • Comfortable shoulder and hip straps
  • Low price
  • Compatible with hydration sleeves up to 3L


  • Not ideal for extreme conditions
  • Drawstring closure isn’t as secure as a zipper would be
  • Only available in 18L size

Features and Benefits

When it comes to the Montem Diadema, it’s a bare-bones pack. In many ways, what you see is what you get. But the features it does possess offer serious benefits compared to similar backpacks.

Extremely Light Weight

This bag is among the lightest weight options on the market. If you’re looking for a basic bag that isn’t going to weigh you down on the trail, or in your day to day activities, this may be ideal.

Large Capacity

For most applications, the 18L size offers ample room for anything you may need to store. Most day trippers will find that there’s room to spare for their needs.


The bag is made entirely of ripstop nylon, which offers water resistance and durability without adding additional weight.


If you’re not sure if the Montem Diadema is right for you, there are some alternatives to check out that may be a better fit.

Osprey Daylite

The Daylite from Osprey is one of the most popular daypacks on the market. It’s considerably smaller than the Diadema, but it offers a few extra storage options, and it can even be attached to some of Osprey’s larger bags.

  • Smaller than the Diadema
  • More organization options than the Diadema
  • Available in ten different colors

REI Co-op Flash

This bag from REI is strikingly similar to the Diadema. So, if you’re a fan of the Diadema but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, you may want to check this REI bag out as well.

  • Same size as the Diadema
  • Features 1 external zippered pocket
  • Sternum buckle also doubles as a safety whistle

Marmot Kompressor Plus

The Marmot Kompressor Plus provides a similar design to the Diadema, with some added features. It’s a bit more expensive, but if you’re interested in a bag like the Diadema but need more than the bare necessities, this may be a strong choice for you.

  • Slightly larger than the Diadema
  • Straps are lightly padded, may not be comfortable for longer trips
  • Covered top section secures your gear better than the Diadema or Co-op Flash

Final Word

Overall, if you’re looking for a mid-sized daypack that’s large enough to carry almost anything you could need for the day while also being durable, lightweight and backed by a lifetime guarantee, the Montem Diadema may be a strong choice for you.