Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles Review

Manufactured and sold by Mountaintop Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd., the Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles are one of the most popular entry-level sets of trekking poles out there. The Mountaintops are certainly among the least expensive options available. The question is: do they hold up? Read on to find out more!

The Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles come with a number of advertised features. These include a durable strap, an extendable pole design and locking mechanism, adjustable bolts, an I-type sweat-free grip, and a 90-day limited warranty. Made from aluminum alloy and weighing 9.5 ounces each, the light, yet sturdy Mountaintop Trekking Poles come solidly equipped with the basics.

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One of the most exciting features about the Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles comes advertised in the name – the fact that the trekking poles come with three distinct sections, including two adjustable middle shafts. These shafts extend from 24 to 53 inches, meaning that hikers and adventurers of a wide variety of heights are accommodated by the Mountaintop Trekking Poles. The fact of this variety is attested to in the reviews, as people both on the shorter end of the spectrum and those who are a good deal taller both say they appreciate the flexibility of the Mountaintops.

Most customers report that these features work pretty much as advertised and that the Mountaintop Trekking Poles are as sturdy and reliable as far more expensive models. The strap is said to hold up well in the face of hikes of a variety of intensities. The grip is made from EVA, or ethylene-vinyl acetate, a commonly-used material for manufacturing tough, rubbery, shock-absorbent grips – you may have used EVA on a fishing pole before. Most customers report that the EVA grip works excellently while hiking and trekking, giving a combination of comfort and stability that those who have grown to love trekking poles know is important.

On the whole, especially for recreational or more entry-level hikers, the Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles do the job really well and are indeed among the best trekking poles presently on the market. A wide variety of different kinds of consumers report satisfaction with the Mountaintop Trekking Poles, including amputees looking for hiking implements, dog-walkers, mountain climbers, and more. At such a truly remarkable price point, the Mountaintop Trekking Poles are a great option if you are not sure about whether or not trekking poles are right for you, if you are just getting a taste for trekking poles, or if you love having a set around but don’t get the chance to use them as often as some. For all these cases and more, the Mountaintop Trekking Poles are among the best trekking poles available today.

However, for higher-intensity hikers, as well as for those who are looking to upgrade out of the entry-level trekking pole category, it may be worth extending your search beyond the Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles. While negative reviews are relatively few and far between, especially given the popularity of the Mountaintop brand and the Mountaintop Trekking Poles, the few critics of the product came down harshly on the question of whether they functioned well in more intense settings. One reviewer, in particular, cites a problem with the locking mechanisms: while on easier terrain, the Mountaintop Trekking Poles were helpful balance aids; however, once the customer started to put serious weight on the poles during an uphill section, the poles refused to lock properly.

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While, of course, some customers have problems with individual makes of a product rather than the model in general, it is worth noting this criticism if only to say that the product may not be quite as reliable as some higher-end models. In general, it seems as though most customers were satisfied with the way that the Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles locked and held up, and a number of more serious users nonetheless reported satisfaction with the locking mechanisms. However, if you’re intending on relying very heavily on your next trekking pole purchase, other options might prove slightly more dependable overall.

That said, the Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles are a truly remarkable deal. They are a great introduction to a tool that can be useful in so many outdoor settings, from snowshoeing to mountaineering, to urban exploring. Trekking poles can even prove useful in some light skiing situations. Given that the only way to find out whether or not something will really work in your life is to try it out. The Mountaintop 3-Section Retractable Lightweight Trekking Poles are giving many people the option of an affordable entry point into the world of trekking poles that doesn’t sacrifice mobility.

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